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If you are a mom maybe you can relate to the morning hour of terror. Yes, this is how our days starts… I wake up at 6:30am pretend to post a morning selfie on IG when in reality that was taken the afternoon before while the kids are in school. I wake up a bit scary in the morning…my husband always says “are you feeling ok? The bags under your eyes look a little dark this morning.”( I’m pretty sure after that he asked for a quickie;). I spend the next 15 minutes trying to convince my kids school is fun and they need to get out of bed. This is usually when they complain that they hate all their clothes and tell you they don’t see the point in school. Then they tell you they don’t need breakfast. Basically, my house looks like a tornado. Then we rush out to the car, this is when I realize I’m wearing two different flip flops and I am pretty sure one of then isn’t even mine. It’s a good thing I don’t actually have to get out of the car for drop off, and I keep the sunglasses glued to my face as I wave to the other moms and teachers. Then I rush home either get ready to head to the salon for the day or if it is my day off I enjoy working out. By about noon I am finally feeling awake and like myself. Ha Ha yes this is my reality. “The morning hour of chaos”

Is it spring yet?? Its about this time of year I want to head somewhere a little warmer, even though I live on the beach with 60 degree weather it’s not quite warm enough to lay on the beach. I keep thinking after the holidays things will slow down and yet things keep going.I have been busy at the salon while finding balance in being a mom and wife. Why do hairdressers pull the “nurse shift” when we don’t need to. This is the 3 12 hour work days so that we can be home with the kids the other days. I use to do this until I realized I make my own schedule. I focused on working smarter not harder. This is why I choose to focus on color and hair extensions. You see if you don’t live in L.A, or West Hollywood, its hard to get away with charging celebrity prices…unless you have a nitch. I currently take a client every 2 hours and take only about 3-4 hours a day with 1-2 assistants working with me. On a side not one of the smartest things I did was realize I wasn’t superwoman and I could not do it alone, this is why I recommend an assistant. Especially if you are working with hair extensions. This is like coloring two separate heads some times. I love my clients. Learn to say no. This is the beauty of creating your own business, you have the ability to choose who you want to work with. If you don’t have an abundance of leads quit being a victim of your own reality and figure out how to get them. Learn more. Become a better marketer. My goal this year is to write more. I’m not the best writer, but when I do write I try to keep it real and relatable.

Last week was a bit crazy, I had the flu and family in town. I’m still trying to recover a bit but had to do a quick post on how obsessed I am with this blush leather jacket. It is by Veda. I also have the black one which I wear a ton! This color is such a hot color for spring. This denim is by frame and I have them in 3 colors and love the fit. They have just enough give in all the right places. Lace is another favorite of mine. I love lace paired with a little leather. It’s both feminine and edgy. These shoes were the first pair of Christain Louboutins I bought and they are the lower heel which I wear all the time.

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Denim/ Frame
Leather/ Veda
Shoes/ Christain Louboutin
Bag/ Chanel, similar save version HERE