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Wow what a year when I look back at all the transformations that took place I am excited for what this next year will bring. If you’ve been following my work you know that I recently opened a new salon in Laguna Beach California. I am currently excepting resumes for booth renters interested in learning natural beaded row hair extensions.

In my experience, hair extensions have been an amazing tool in order for me to work smarter not harder. I absolutely love hair including coloring and cutting however I have two beautiful children and wanted to figure out the best way to enjoy my passion but also be a mom. When I started my blog about three years ago I used it for a source to get leads for clients. Back then my clientele was about 50% hair extensions. After working hard and staying committed my clientele now is 95% hair extensions and color. I am working half the time but making triple what I was. This allows me to create balance in my life and not burn out.  I am constantly updating my education as well as staying in the know so that I can give my clients the best possible experience.

Right now I’m currently offering 3 spots in my salon for stylist interested in joining my team, they will also get opportunity to learn and get certified in natural beaded Rows. If you’re interested in transitioning your clientele to hair extensions and simply working smarter not harder this is something that I can assist with.

Please email me your current resume as well as your Instagram name to

This year has been amazing year and I’m excited to see what’s to come this next year. I will be starting up my YouTube channel again and sharing weekly beauty and hair tips at the salon! Also don’t miss out on my next class, refer to my previous post it’s going to be on January 18th in Laguns Beach CA, and is currently on sale!

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Here are some of my favorite transformations this past year happy 2016 everyone !!!

Happy 2016 Everyone !!!