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Everyone has their way of thinking through color. Coloring is kinda like problem solving. You also have to learn how to translate what the client is trying to communicate. Do you love when a client says ” I want to be blonder” and then they show you a picture of either someone who is naturally very light with highlights, or they show you a picture of some with hair darker than what they currently have. You can see how this is a little tricky to understand at times. To me this translate to I want to be less brassy and a differnt tone of blonde. Some times if you tell your blonde clietns that they need a low light they immediately go into panic mode, and say never mind lets just keep it exactly how it is. Until some point They decide you can not offer them what they want based on a lack of communication and understanding and the move on tho the next stylist hoping they will understand them.

Trending for 2016 hair color

We are moving away from the heavy rooted blondes and adding soft dimension to color. You may have heard the term babylight. This is very baby fine highlights throughout the hair. When you combine this with a little foilage ( which is balayage inside a foil) you get a really fresh and updated look that still has depth at the roots.I have been doing this for quite some time and it is a very soft sunkissed look. All of my colors are done with foils…yes every single one. When did foiling become less trendy??? I love foils because it is fast and predictable.

Are you afraid of a base color?

How many times have we heard our clients tell us the pull red tones;) Dont over bump you clients base. If you are looking to get a soft beige or more natural base color you must lift and tone. It is just the science behind hair color. To achieve this look start with a baby fine highlights of the part going horizontal. Then add the base color between highlights ( I recommend only doing a base 1-2 shades lighter than their natural). Depending on how light their ends are I usually let this process for about 10 minutes. After I foilage ends around the face or any where that may give it that sunkissed look. The most important step is at the shampoo bowl, I call this line eraser, or smudging. I use a level 7 (not an 8 or 9) and paint on wet hair from scalp 2 inches down. This is called zone one and entering zone 2. This is just enough to mute the bleach lines but not completely cover.

I’m am so excited to share more of my formulas and am now offer group color classes. If you are most comfortable with foils, then this is your class! How to get the newest trends in hair color using only foils.

This is where I show you my secrets to getting a predictable soft seamless blend using products you are already using, It doesn’t matter what line of color you are using, I make it logical to understand. This is a new updated way of thinking through color.

Each class I have you submit your top 5 questions based on my work you have seen and like. I try to cover all these questions during the class. This way you get exactly what you are paying for. My goal is to take what you already know and understand and teach you new tricks that you can apply in the salon to what you are already doing. I call this practical creative thinking.

Each Class is 9-4, you will see 2 demos and also have hands on training on a doll head.

Doll heads and color provided for each class.

Class Rate: $475

Next class February 22th

To sign up Email ( subject: Color class )