Happy Monday everyone! I’m going to keep this brief, do you ever feel so overwhelmed with things you have a hard time focusing? You have so many good Ideas you just don’t know where to start? We continue to stay in the same situation in fear of failure or because it is comfortable. Many times we know what we need to do, but until things are uncomfortable we stay in the same place. I love and hate learning new things. however once I finally commit to focusing and take one thing at a time I slowly progress. We fill our days with planning or projects that are simple time filler, and we say I don’t have time to learn and progress. How many of us every January have so many great plans for the next year and by the end of the month we say we are to busy and then another year goes by. How do we balance progression without burning out.

One step at a time…

Start a list, write down all your goals and decide what resources you need to accomplish these goals. Be realistic. If you do a little every day 6 months down they road you may be surprised to see what you have done. Take a leap of faith. Don’t wait til things suck, act now. My husband has a podcast called warrior on fire. I will be having a hairstylist addition to this with weekly tips on what I have experienced through being a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. stayed tuned to my blog and instagram for more details!

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Photos by: Gabi Wells