This coat is an amazing piece and is currently on sale. It also comes in gray. I was on the hunt for a camel coat for quite some time and I love this one because it actually has a hood in the back. This Chanel bag was a Christmas present from Mr. White. I posted a similar save version below that I absolutely love also. I don’t know about you guys but for some reason in the winter my staple colors are mostly neutrals I love wearing all black. These black torn frame denim are my absolute favorite. I also have them in white and they are the kind of jeans that once they wear out you buy the exact same pair again because you love them so much.

These photos were taken during our recent trip to Park city Utah. For those of you who just started following my blog I’m originally from Salt Lake City Utah and moved to orange county California. We went up to Utah over the break to visit family but also wanted to make it a ski vacation.

We stayed at the Waldorf in Park city which is right next to the ski lift at canyons. I don’t ski and could never really figure it out but for some reason I can sort of get down the mountain on a snowboard. We took my two girls on the mountain for their first time. My older one tried snowboarding first day, and then switched to skis. My youngest started out with skis they both absolutely loved it but I will say it is a little hard to teach a skier on a snowboard.

Well now that the winter break has come to an end it’s time to get back in the reality of waking up early getting the kids ready for school and off to work we go. I’m usually excited for January to come but for some reason this year Christmas just came so fast I’m secretly wishing we had another couple weeks break. I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to their 2016 year. Check out my last post on when my next CLASS on NBR extensions is, and also I am currently hiring booth renters at my salon details HERE.

Coat/ (ON SALE!)
Denim/ Frame
Fur vest/ Similar HERE
Boots/ Valentino
Belt/ Hermes
Bag/ Chanel (save version here)
Beanie/ Shopbop