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Do you ever wonder what hair color best suits your skin tone? Or you notice when you wear certain colors you feel and look better? Knowing your colors are key to enhancing the best you. Have you ever taken a photo to your stylist and said I want this hair color. We have all done this myself included. I use to be scared of warmth tones in my hair in fear of looking brassy, so I would tell myself I need to be lighter. Only to realize everytime I tried to go really blonde like the picture I was wanting something was a little off.

Find your colors.

I finally surrendered that warm color suit my skin tone best. I also noticed that jewel tones look best on me, and are my go to colors. I recently came across two quizzes that are fun to take and may help you find your color.

Want to know what hair color looks best on you? Click here to take a short quiz
What colors should you wear? Here is another quiz one that may help!

Trends moving into spring:
Denim everything, including shoes
White everything
Bold Reds
distressed denim ( the pair I am wearing in under 75!)
Lace…just to name a few!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Photos by: Gabi Wells

Denim/ blanknyc (on SALE)
Top/ Frame
Blazer/ JCREW
Pumps/ Christian Louboutin (save version HERE)
Necklace/ Banan Republic
Sunglasses/ Rayban
Bag/ Chanel (Save Version HERE)