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Creating a good hair day can sometimes be a time commitment however, I have found some tricks they may help. If you have been following my blog for a bit, you may have noticed my hair is a bit darker. I wear Natural Beaded Row hair extension and switch off between a darker warm mix blonde or a light brown mix. I have been trying to get my natural hair back in better shape and have avoided putting any bleach or lightener on it the last 6 month. My color I use Schwarzkopf 6-1 for my base color and then run Redken shades EQ through some of my ends leaving pieces out to make it look a subtle balayage. This combined with good hair products has helped my hair a ton! Click HERE to read one of my post on healthy hair tips. The more healthy your real hair look the more natural your extensions look.

Lately I have been wearing a Topknot halo in a lot of my pictures. This helps me cheat a wash or two and still have a little volume. I have 2 different halos a light brown ( wearing in these Pictures) or a dark blonde mix. I don’t like wearing this much hair all the time because it just a lot to style and blow dry, plus I believe my baby fine strands could not hold this much weight. A trick I like to do if I dont have a ton of time is just wash the top area. Put extension hair in a low bun to avoid getting wet in the shower. Right now I recommend drying the hair about 90%. After then spray in your favorite volume spray and continue to round brush. This is called dry styling. One product I am obsessed with lately is the Kevin Murphy Weightless volume spray. If you simply don’t even have time to wash, try a little hair powder ( like this one) in the crown and just wash your bangs. Something about having fresh washed bangs just makes everything look better. As far as Shampoo I alternate between Kerastase reconstruct and Kerastase volume. The Rinse out I pair with both is the repair one. I like this one because it helps protect my real hair ad make my extensions soft. Anther great trick for adding extra volume is as simple as changing your part.

Blazer/ Old Similar HERE
Tee/ Paige
Denim/ Frame
Bootie/ Givenchy or Grey version here
Belt/ Hermes
Bag/ Prada
Sunnies/ Rayban

Photos by: Gabi Wells