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I was going through some old pictures and I can across this client that started with me a little over a year ago. I require each client to do a phone consultation with me after they have emailed me photos of their hair so that I can find out their story and determine if I can help. I still remember the conversation I have with this particular client. I was shocked to find out she had never worn hair extensions before. I asked if she had fine hair and maybe it was just over processed and didn’t grow very well. Long story short it was color damage from going dark to light. Her hair was medium texture and had alot of natural curl. I was worried about putting any lightner on her hair so the first visit I just blended her color a little and made it a nicer tone. Each visit we took it a little dark until I convinced her that she either needed to give up the blonde or the flat iron. In my expirence if you color to much wear extensions and use alot of use heat tools, something has to give…

This is when we decided it would be best to stay a chocolate brown( which I actually liked on her skin tone better).You can see that over time her real hair has gotten in much better shape making the extensions look more natural. With NBR you get more fullness with less damage. How? with less area attached to the head and also undertanding the weight distribution and placesment. The color and cut is the icing on the cake which I believe make these look more natural. Each visit I color the extensions hair. It will fade out just like the natural hair. If the hair can not be color to match perfectly, I replace some or all of the hair. Hair extension don’t lift or go lighter however, you can tone or deposit on them.

I have tried almost anything you can think of on my own hair to find out what gives me the most fullness with the least amount of damage. There are pros and cons to all methods. If you are an extension junkie like myself I believe that ALL methods are damaging over time. I also realized my real hair will never look great much past my shoulders so I continue to wear extensions.

Stay tuned later this week I will be sharing some formula favorite, as well as tricks to create a balayage look with foils (#foilage)

For listed color class dates and NBR Extensions classes CLICK HERE

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