This year I did a flocked Faux tree. My girls were dying to have a real tree so off to the tree lot to pick the perfect mini Charlie Brown tree for their rooms. Something that you might not know about me is that I have A pit bull, a weenie dog, and a bunny. We are kinda a little random group but some how it all works. We decided to take my cute little doxie Cloey to the tree lot with us this year. We found 2 perfect size trees for my girls. Another project I have been working on, is redesigning their rooms with my designer Meredith. Photos coming soon!

If you follow all my hair work on IG and my blog I will soon be offering a certified NBR extension list with hair stylists world wide. Right now I offer an online course and a certification class. Only those who attended one of my classes, and have submitted photos of their work will be on the list. They will also need 6 months of expirience. Check back mid January if this is something you are interested in. Or right now 50% of my clientele fly to me. so if traveling is an option for you, pleas email me. I usually book out 6-8 weeks in advance.

My look
Scarf/ JCREW
tee/ Banana Republic
Denim/ Citizens on sale!

My Girls
Leggings/ JCREW & Here
tops/ Jcrew & HERE
Vest/ Similar HERE
Ears Beanie/ JCREW
Shoes/ DR. Martens Sparkle version HERE

Photos By Gabi Wells