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I have many changes this next year with my online program. Right now I sell an online training course for NATURAL BEADED ROW hair extensions. Starting in January this Will no longer be available for purchase.

I will have 4 big launches a year in which I will sell 50 units for three days. The rest of the time it would not be available to purchase unless you’re looking to become certified and attend one of my classes Laguna beach California. Before each lunch I will have a waiting list, if you are interested in being one of those 50 to purchase the program you can add your name to the list. Right now I get many emails each week of clietns looking to find someone near them who is certified in NBR. I will soon have a list of certified stylists on my website who I have personally seen an approved their work.

Those interested in NBR classes will be required to sign up at least two weeks before the class date. My classes come with my online course, which must reviewed before coming to the class. This will help the learning curve and make our time together more effective. I will have more dates listed starting in January. I usually only list class dates about four months in advance.

I would love to start offering small color classes also. Starting in January I will have one color class available per month. My starting rate for this will be $300 for a half-day demo. All of my hair colors are done with the combination of foiling and painting. If you’ve been in the game for 10+ years you’re probably more comfortable with foils like myself. I honestly believe that foils are more reliable. I prefer to balayage in foil. This will process quicker and lighter. You may have heard the term #foilage on IG lately. Another product that I use a lot of is Redken shades EQ. Shades can be used for more than just a quick toner at the shampoo bowl. Coloring is so much about timing and porosity. Hair color is creative and calculated.

If attending a 1/2 day ️️color demo is something you may be interested in please check back On my classes page, dates coming soon!!!

December is a crazy month for all hairstylist. Everyone needs their color and hair extensions on point for that fabulous holiday party. I recently opened up DKW styling salon in Laguna Beach California this last September. Things are going amazing and I love my new space. Starting this next year I’m going to focus on YouTube again.

For those of you who do hair videos or YouTube in general, you know that it is a lot of work. A lot of people don’t know but it usually takes a full day to film edit and upload a short 5 to 10 minute video. In the past I have done a lot of my own editing, but this year I’m going to take it to the next level and hire a video team member to come do a weekly video for hair tips and tutorials in my new salon. I have not yet found someone to video but if you’re reading this post and you’re interested or know somebody have them email me their work to danielle@hairextensionsecret.com

I will also be starting to offer more classes in January. 90% of my clientele is extensions. But I color all of my extension clients as well. I love color and cutting and feel it is part of the reason my extensions look more natural.

In the past when I’ve gone down to LA, or traveled for a hair class I love all the work I have seen. It so inspiring to see others in their craft and get fun new ideas. This year I want to focus on how to work smarter not harder. I would say most Stylists  in general are not wanting to pull the 12 hour nurse shifts behind the chair anymore. My goal in my classes is to share my story and to spend part of the class time talking about marketing, building your brand, and finding your niche. We love learning new ideas but let’s be honest we really just want to hear others story of how they had success to create more success in our own craft.

The holiday season has been so crazy I haven’t even had to take as many before-and-after’s as usual. Here’s some of my most recent work at my salon. The last photo in this post is an old one but one of my favorites this and it is an example of how I’m a lot of my colors are done and will be demonstrating in my classes.

Happy Painting Everyone!


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