I have always had the hardest time getting my hair to grow, or should I say keep from breaking off. In this post I’m going to share all my secrets to getting your hair to be the healthiest it can be in order for it have noticeable growth.

Now realizing that I have to be realistic with my expectations, I also wear hair extensions. You will hear many storys about extensions ruining your hair. I am the first to tell all my clients that ALL extensions can be damaging over time.( so can clip in extensions) My goal in creating Natural Beaded Row hair extensions was to minimize that damage. I also promote keeping the natural hair in the best condition possible so that the extensions look more natural. Understanding that extensions can be a little damaging I also knew that my real hair even at its best wouldn’t look even close to what it looked like with extensions.

I notice in my experience I can’t be bleach blonde and wear extensions, it just too much for my fine hair to handle.

Hair color tips:
It only takes one time with bleach or lightner on your end too long for it to break off and take up to six months to a year to recover. There is a myth that if you only get your hair colored every 6 months then your fine.

It’s in my experience this is not true. There are different levels are fine hair, some textures can handle bleach and recover better than others. With my hair I find if I put bleach on the ends or balayage, I cannot lift it to a white blonde without it breaking off. If I want to go that light I just have to plan on trimming about 2 inches off my hair.

Now if you’re like me you can maybe relate that two inches seems like a big deal. There are times I have put bleach on my ends and right away it seems OK but then suddenly a month after my bangs seem to have shrunk an inch or two. My hair has a hard time recovering and slowly begins to break off. This is also the case for many of my clients.  last spring I did a very conservative Balayage on my hair. One month later my bangs nearly shrunk to my cheekbone. Since then I have not put any bleach or lighter on my end and my bangs have finally grown out past my jaw. However I put color on my hair every 4 to 6 weeks.

I’m actually a dark to medium brown and I prefer lift my base one shade lighter with permanent color. One of my favorite products to use in coloring hair is Redken shades EQ.

I have worked in three different states and about 10 different salons, and everywhere I go regardless of what colorline each person is using it seems like everyone uses REDKEN shades. I usually will balayage random pieces throughout my hair with this every four weeks. It is so gentle and creates a lot of shine in my hair.

Hair cut or hair dust??

You may be getting your hair overcut. How many times have you gone in for a light trim and feel like your hair shrunk about 2 inches?? You do not need every hair on your head cut every six weeks. I recommend a light dust every 12 to 14 weeks.


There is not a magical wand that you can wave and your hair will grow 6 inches in one month. There are small things that you can be consistent with your hair in order to keep it from breaking and promote hair growth. I have tried every vitamin you can think of to help support my hair to grow. I found some that work better than others. But in the end you just need to be consistent. A while back I gave up on all my vitamins and I noticed over a six-month period of time my hair started to feel more dry and brittle and overall thinner. It was then that I knew that taking the vitamins was helping.

Right now I am taking a multivitamin through A company called doterra, and currently my favorite hair pill is called it works. Yes that is the name of the supplement;) I think a lot of times we expect dramatic results overnight. And my experience it takes about six months to notice if a vitamin or supplement is helping.

Must have products

It’s also important to use good products. You can’t just use one bottle of shampoo that supposed to repair your hair and expect it to perform miracles. However I have noticed if you use a product again over a period of 4 to 6 months you’ll notice a difference. Right now the shampoo I am using is by Kerastase. It is the strength and shampoo. I like the conditioner that goes with this, however for my extensions I prefer something a little bit heavier. I prefer to use a mask on my ends every third or fourth wash. This Kerastase mask is a favorite.
Be sure to use a leave in conditioner something to protect your ends. Right now I am using 12 benefits, and Schwarzkopf sealed ends. ( A little of these goes a long way)


Another myth about keeping your hair healthy is not washing it… Why is it that I hear people going up to 10 days before washing!?

In my experience if you use any product especially dry shampoo, and then you are running the curling iron or flat iron a little bit over your hair each day to touch it up, you’re practically baking the product in your hair leaving you with dry brittle ends. You would be better off to wash and then set your heat tools at a lower setting before cooking your ends.

I wear hair extensions and I understand the idea of washing your hair every day kind of sounds like a lot of work. However I wash around my hairline and my bangs every other day even if I don’t wash the extension hair. This is helped my hair around the front grow.


If you are using a curling iron on your hair and blow dry your hair every day this will also cause it to break. After I wash my hair I try to allow it to air dry up to 80%.I then take my blow dryer and do a rough dry at medium heat. Once my hair is mostly dry by then take my round brush to smooth things a little. This helps to prevent more pull and breakage on the natural hair.

If you wear hair extensions and you flat ironing or curl your hair, I recommend pinning the top half up using a higher heat setting on the extensions. Then turning the heat down for your real hair. Or if you’re like me don’t hold the curling iron in your real hair the same amount of time and always leave your ends out. I don’t use a heat spray on my hair before curling it. I usually just use the 12 benefits and am very cautious and careful with how much heat I put on my hair.

So it turns out there is no magical secret to getting your hair to grow but there are little tricks to keeping it healthy to prevent it from breaking. Be consistent about using healthy products on your hair. Don’t put too much Lightner or bleach on your hair. Add a good vitamin or supplement to your regiment. Be careful with hot tools, and remember to wash your hair!:)