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It’s that time of year again the holidays are approaching quickly and every mom starts to stress out about family photos, myself included. Every year I try to think of something new a creative. So this year I’m calling it “old School”. I have a thing for cars and thought it would be fun to find a classic car to rent. My advice in getting family photos… make it a fun memorable day, and don’t stress out the day of. I find that kids can sense our energy. try to make things fun and goofy. Sometimes just being silly you get the best shots. Before the shoot, we spent the day getting our nails done and getting our hair done at the dry bar. Even though I do hair, sometimes mom needs to be the client. Last year our family photos were glam in the beach. Seeing how it was our first year here, I felt it was mandatory to do a beach shot. I love the holidays and being around family. Everything starts to feel cozy and festive, even if our Christmas lights are on our palm trees;)

Photos by Taylor Cole

Dress/ Monique Lhuillier
My girls looks
Bailee’s Dress/ Shelli Segal
Fur/ Ruby & Bloom
Ruby’s Dress/ Ruby & Bloom
Fur/ Dorissa