The myths of hair extensions

There are many stories about hair extensions.

I remember when I first started doing hair I came to the reality that my real hair will not grow much  past shoulder length. If it grew Much past that  it would thin out and not look at all like the magazine hair I was wanting.

I wanted to find the best most natural method possible. I asked my older sister who had started doing hair before me, “what extension method should I learn?” None of them she replied I have never seen any that look great, and they ruin you hair.

So I went on to research what was available in the market place. So many products claimed to help your hair grow and “no damage”. And on the other side I googled and found many cases where the extensions had absolutely damaged and left the hair in a compromised state. But I was just not happy with my current hair. I didn’t want to wear short hair the rest of my life. I also wanted a more permanent solution that just clip ins. I wanted it to feel like my real hair.

One of the things I began to notice in the before and after photos I began to look up online, is the better condition the natural hair was in, the better and more natural the extensions blended.

So I dove into the land of extensions. I really wanted to master this skill set for my own selfish reasons. I began learning everything I could get my hands on. If there was a new hot method I tried it on my own hair. Now understand of course I can’t do my own extensions. So I would find the top person in my area and have them do them. I wanted each brand of extensions I tried to be a true representation of what they were marketing.

If you have worn extensions before or if you are an extension junkie like myself, you begin to understand what you like and what you don’t like.

Fast forward 6-7 years down the road I relized the biggest myth in hair extensions is that they  ruin your hair. I  am the first to tell all my clients that all extensions over time can be damaging. I was my goal to minimize the damage, so that the existing hair was in good shape. I believe on fine hair bleach is more damaging than extensions.

There is a science and an art in all things.

NBR became a science how it was placed, and a creative art flow of how it moved and showed up in the hair.The simple logic behind NBR, is the less area attached to the hair the less damage. You have to also under stand the weight distribution with each natural hair texture so you know how much hair can be placed on each client.

Not everyone is a candidate for extensions. If your hair it too fine, and damaged with hair color, you need to let it recover. If your hair it too short, they will not blend.If placed to high in the hair, they will show.

Here are a few other myth…

They take all day in the salon to install. Most my clients can get a full head extensions and color done in less than 3 hours.

They are high maintenance

I tell all my clients they are high maintenance to be low maintenance, meaning they take a little more time to blow dry and style, but they will hold the style longer. With out extensions in order for my hair to look full with body and shine, I had to wash every day. With extensions they always look good. I wash my hair every 3 days.

Most women get there hair colored every 6-8 week. Even if they are going for a more soft ombre look they still want a color refresh. If you get a refresh every 6-8 week your hair looks amazing all the time instead of every 6 months. This is perfect timing to also get your color and extensions refreshed and re-tightened.

I absolutly love color and belive that good extensions start with a good color and an eye for blending. I also feel the cut is an import pieces to create moveability in the hair. There are so many little details that go into mastering your craft. To Watch more of my story click HERE.

If you have been following my work and are interedted in my education, I will be listing dates on my Classes Page. My Next class will be the beginning of Decmeber. There will only be 7 spots available. I will also be revealing “the LIST” of NBR specialist and Certified stylist in your area early 2016.