Whats your BRAND?

I have been doing hair for 14 years now, and I feel like I just started. I have as much excitement about it now as I did in hair school.

Are you a hobby hairstylist?

About 4 years ago I was punching the clock, and hair was no longer fun. I had a little girl at the time and reality slapped me in the face. If I was going to continue to take away time from my kids and family it better be worth it. I realized I was making shopping money and thats about it. This may be a bit personal but at the time my marriage was on the fence…I took one look at my little girls face and decided if this marriage thing doesn’t work out I need to be more than a hobby hair stylist. I always loved hair but when you over work your self its not fun, experience will make you better but, burnout will end your love for it.

I decided I needed to work smarter not harder.

What was possible? I had no idea, and after pushing hard for the last 4 years The blinders are slowly being removed with what it truly possible, and although hair is my love and craft, we are all capable for more that we give ourselves credit for. My start, was creating a brand. I literally thought this meant just creating a cute logo for myself and printing out some cute little business cards to pass out. lol

Social media was just starting and I had no idea how this all worked. So I started with youtube. You see at the time we had just moved to a new state for a fresh start. I had no clients and no work to post. I got a job at a commission salon so that I could sit in a chair and hope my dream clients walked through the door. Tow days before I was suppose to start I turned down the job and decided to rent a chair part time. Now I realize this sounds strange to rent a chair with no clientele, but I knew this would push me to put myself out there in order to help build a following. So I got on my computer once a week and shared a hair tip on youtube. From there I started a blog, this was my landing page.

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean people can find you.

When I started my Youtube channel, I thought what should I name each video to get more views… and that thought came what would I GOOGLE? Try googling “the best extensions for fine hair see what comes up;) From there I started pinning my work from my website on pinterst, and updating weekly.

Before and after photos

I will say one of the hardest things as a stylist is taking a photo that represents how good our work is in person. At the time I was still trying to build a brand and a clientele and I noticed all these fashion bloggers blowing up over night. I have always loved photography but would not considered myself a photographer. I had a client that I did trade with in order to take photos for me and teach me about lighting. 90% of a good photo is lighting, and like anything, you need to have experience to figure things out. I decided to move on from my iPhone photos and invest in a good camera. ( Click HERE to see what camera I use)

Taking photos made me a better stylist.

You hold yourself to a higher standard when you want to get “the shot”
In the beginning I was to busy or felt strange asking my clients for before and afters. The more you do it the more comfortable yo get with it. Clients now are excited and even repost photos of their hair.

Social Media has changed the game, there are no excuses. If you want to build you can. You will always have a level of clients interested in your work at every level. You just have to put yourself out there and try. I have learned so many new skill sets along the way, and am always learning and growing, which I believe is what we should be doing in this game.

Although I love doing blondes and feel part of my brand is soft beachy blonde, I also many other shades. Part of your brand is having people be able to recognize your consistent style. The first client is color and cut, the other two clients were also colored by me, and are wearing NBR hair extensions. I just opened a DKWstyling salon in laguna beach, and will start filming more youtube hair videos in my new space.

Happy Almost weekend!