You know when your client shows you a picture of Heidi Klum and says “yes exactly like this”.

This is where I explain to them that what they want is buttery blonde not white blonde. Why is it as a blonde myself we are so afraid of those warm tones. Is it because we think red or orange? We would rather be white blonde than see a hint of warmth, but in reality very few people can pull of that white blonde and actually have it look soft on their skin tone. I am a natural level 5, and have been every shade of blonde you can think of. Right now I would actually consider me a warm beige blonde. I find that beige is a safe word to use with clients.

We have to be able to read our clients. Some you put in 3 foils of a darker warmer blonde and they think they have just gone brunette. Others expect a big change but still want to look blonde. I usually pull out extension hair and show them different tones to see what they are comfortable with. Some clients will gravitate to the lighter blonde, but when I hold it up to their face they realize that the ends of their hair are not white blonde. I can’t tell you how many times I put a light blonde mix in my hair and wonder why its not blending? When you have shorter layers you can not get away with this and just call it ombre 😉 Longer hair clients you will get away with the lighter extensions because they have more natural length to cover.

Hair extension hair FADES out.

Both of these clients are wearing NBR extensions. Normally my go to color with my blonde clients is a light mix blonde ( 18-22 for those who do NBR ) but lately I have been loving the darker blonde mix. ( 10-16 ) Every time a client comes in for thier 6-8 week touch up I either color the extension hair as well as thier real hair, or if I don’t color the hair I replace a few pieces.

Remember your clients are you walking advertisement

This means their extension hair should look good and refreshed every visit not just the first before and after.

Girls be wearing their weave way too long.

Listen if you are going to invest in hair extensions just committee and make sure it always looking fresh. Ask your stylist “if this was your hair what would you do?” I recommend replacing hair every 4-6 month. Or If I am being honest, if mine looks a bit sparse, I add as needed. You don’t need to go the full 6 month. Some clients myself included are a little harder on the hair and need to replace more often.

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Happy Weaving Extension Junkies