Happy Labor Day Everyone!

It’s sad to see summer go, but fall is one of my favorite seasons. There is just a change in the air that is fresh and exciting!

This last week I opened the first DKWstyling Salon in Laguna Beach CA. Its located in an amazing spot right off PCH, I’ll be posting pictures and doing more youtube and periscope videos in there soon! I took the summer off from offering classes but will be listing dates for upcoming group NBR Classes starting next month.

I Have been a little behind on my hair post lately and this week I have deicided instead of just posting all of them at once, I’m going to post a couple transformations each day this week. I will also be sharing tips and tricks not just on hair but a few skill set I have picked up along the way with photos Social media, hair products and much more… Stay tuned each day this week!

These two beauties where from my new space, I always feel like it takes a couple week to get in the groove when you move spots, I kept asking my assistant all week where I put everything lol…

The first model I’m calling Fall Bronde. I love when my clients come in and say ” do what ever you want I trust you”. This translates to I want change but not too much. Something fresh but still keeping her blonde. So I said “Victoria Secret Hair?” And who would say no to that.

The Formula

I started with a base color to soften her roots. She is a natural level 6 and I wanted just a bit richer. Some are not a fan of a base break, but I am. I choose to do a darker base and turn her to that amazing fall bronde that is so hot right now. The trick to a good base it don’t over lift. I also like to run a semi permanent color in zone 2, ( base is zone 1 ) run your color together a bit for a seamless look. This will also allow the highlight to peak through. I also like to balayage with a semi permanent. I know if you do hair this sounds a bit crazy especially is you use redken shades because its consistency. I used a warm level 7. I went in and foiled pieces with conditioner, (these were my left out pieces) then I began to paint with my semi.

Make sure you watch it and do this last so that is does not over process. We Also added 1.5 rows of NBR. I custom color everyones extensions as if it were their own hair, so that if the wind blows and there hair moves it still looks natural and not like extensions. In all Of my CLASSES I go over how to color natural hair as well as extension hair.

The second model

This one I would consider a color correction.

If you have been doing hair for 10 plus years, we learned with foils and very much still love them, however this clients had been alternating between a full and partial highlight with no base, and wanted a softer more seamless grow out. Typically when you do a traditional highlight it is left off the ends. You can see in this photo her ends are more golden while the highlights up top are lighter, due to the lightener sitting on the hair too long and not pulled through the ends.

The solution

Base break 6-1 schwarzkopf ( she was a natural 5-6)
I then choose to balayage most of her ends in foils. When I’m not sure what is exactly on there ends I prefer balayage in a foil. It more predictable and will lift faster. I then went in with my semi in zone 2 again, then randomly painted some of the ends to warm it up and even out the color. I also Added just one row of NBR to fill in her hair.

Don’t forget to stay tuned every day this week for a new hair post!

Happy Painting Everyone