Chasing the Light.

As a stylist, one of the hardest things in doing hair, is getting “the shot”.

How many times do you take a photo of your work and the photo is just not doing it justice?

I remember when I first starting taking photos of my work, they kinda looked like a mug shot. Half the time the client was her thier cell phone and I did want to bother them to take a quick before and after photo. And to be honest many women don’t like thier photo taken (especially when it come to hair extensions). But you see, I was comitted.

How do you get good at any new skill set? Practice and expirience.

I have always loved fashion, and the idea came to my mind… what if I stated fashion blogging? Not only would this give me more content to share in order to build my following, but it would also teach me how to pose for the camera, and lighting. So in the beginning I offered to do trade with a photogrpher in order to help learn a new skill set.

Lighting 101

I was lucky to work with a photgographer who still to this day, I relize what an amazing eye she had for lighting. I realiozed that 90% of a good shot was great ligting. How many times do you take a selfie or a client photo and your not even sure what you did, but the photo turned out amazing. This becomes your “go to” spot for selfies and before and afters. You even have it down to the time of day when “the shot” looks the best. Pay attension to why the light looks so soft but bright.

Why do we love a car selfie?

Becuase the natural light, is on the subject. You are shaded, but there is a good amount of light coming through the window. Find your go to spot in the salon. next make sure you dont have any photo bombers. This is not just people this could also be a messy sapce or product in the back round. Try to make it a clean shot. Many use a white wall or back drop. This is only a good idea if the lighting is good in that spot… I would rather see a good shot, with good lighting than a shot in front of a white wall with bad lighting.

Social Media has been a great tools for stylists.

Many clietns now want their photos to be seen an are even reposting themselves. Some times when I post on instagram, you will notice I dont always post the before. If you get a great after photo, that alone is enough to sell your work! We get so bussy that half the time we forget to take a before photo, but I would encourage you yo still take an after and post.

Think quality not quanity.

Sometimes you will hit a home run with one of your photo shoots. Don’t post all of these at once. This could be content you use for the next month. Just post one or two at different times during the day ( I recommend moring between 7-9 and evening between 5-8 ).

I personally love shooting with a professional camera. This has helped me become a better stylist becasue it captures so much more detail in the hair and there is less room for error. The camera I use is a Cannon Rebel, this is a great starter camera. I shoot with a portrait lense that is 50mm. I recomend shooting in manual. This way you can ajust the settings to get “the shot”. I don’t photo shop or filter my work, however, sometimes I will use an app called FACE TUNE, to cream out there skin a little. How many times do our clietns show up and say “oh I have a big zit”, or ” I’m not wearing any makeup “. We want want them to feel cute and sexy, while also allowing us to post the photo. Don’t over do the face tune, less is more.

Learn how to read your clients energy.

If you can tell they don’t feel 100% comfortable. This is where I go with the back shot, or side shot. I also love the hair over the eye shot. It adds a liitle mystery, which I have found sells the photo even more.

Still to this day, you are going to have some shots better than others, and certain clients that just know how to work the camera. Quit telling your self you are too busy to get “the shot”. I take photos of almost every client. This doesn’t mean I use every shot, but it gives me more expirience, and confidence behind the camera. I have been able to hand select my amazing clients based on my before and afters. When they begin to cyber stock or view your work, they are like putty in your hands… They are PRE-SOLD. They already like your style and work, and that is why they are coming to you. So be YOU!

Happy Wednesday.