Changing Tones

One of the most important things in doing hair is communication. To clients, hair talk is a foriegn language. So this can be frustrating on both sides.

Trust yourself but learn to communicate and listen.

Every client that sits in my chair  sends me current hair photos. From there if I think we are a good fit for one another we schedule a 10-minute hair consultation which we do over the phone. This helps me to get to know them as a person, find out hair struggles, and get on the same page before they sit in my chair. This gives both of us more confidence and I feel as if I am already doing a friends hair. I also ask that they send me hair inspiration photos before the appointment. This helps me to better understand what they were describing what they want.

Interested in hitting more home runs? Start by getting to know your client before they sit in your chair.

Our clients research us so why are we not doing the same.

This particular clients came to me  and told me she wanted to be more blonde, however, based off the inspiration photos she had sent me, I knew what she wanted was a different tone.

As a blonde myself ( and I have been every shade of blonde you can think of ), when you are too all over one color, you start to feel yellow. What I recommend is depositing darker tones throughout, to give it soft contrast and make the blonde pop. Simply weaving in a level 8 low light will not change the tone enough to notice and most likely wash out in 3-4 wases.

My recommendation

In this particular client, I choose to give her a soft rooted look. She is naturally a level 7-8. So I mixed up Schwatzkoph 7-0, and 6-5. My rule with color is on a level 7 or above I like to mix warmth in my base colors because you are depositing. On a natural level 6 or below I mix an ash base because you are lifting. Next, I mixed up a level 7 in redken shades EQ. I started in the back and weaved in all low lights. Around the face and part line I did highlights. You have to work fast so that the color does not deposit to much, and create too much contrast. After all my foils are placed I go between foils in zone 2 and melt down the color more with the same lowlight formula. To see this color live follow me on periscope.

After we added 1.5 rows of Natural Beaded Row Extensions.

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Happy Painting!