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Welcome to the beginning.

Tonight’s hair tip is; BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

I have been doing hair for over 14 years now, I never wanted to own a salon. I was content just doing my own thing.

I never relied on anyone to get me leads. I simply shared my love and passion for hair and specifically hair extensions.
I started out as a hobby hair stylist making a little extra shopping money. about 5-6 years into doing hair I realized I had created my own method of Extensions which I started calling Natural Beaded Rows.

I would try other new methods along the way, but ultimately just kept adding and perfecting NBR. I started having people ask if I could teach them if they gave me a couple hundred dollars.

It’s weird somewhere along the line I actually started to care if people were learning and using my method correctly.

It was then I realized it is one thing to do, it’s a whole other thing to teach. So How do we learn the most about what we do well? You teach it. We take for granted our skills sets which we develop through years of practice, experience. For me when I began to teach I held myself to a high standard. I wanted to hit a home run every time! How was this possible? What would you need to do and say to be at that level?

I decided I needed to charge more. I needed to leap or skip a few levels. This is can be a scary thing To do, and most are not willing to leap, in fear of failure. I wanted people to care and love hair as much as I did, I wanted to show people they could remove the fear blinders in their life and show them that through that calculated leap of faith, there is much success.

Your Craft.

What is your craft? What Is your skill set? You will learn latter this is your brand. own it. Be your own boss, and choose success, not fear.

The DKW Styling Salon

If you have been tuning into my blog, you may have seen my home interior post with Meredith Miller and personal friend and client of mine. I have to give her a little praise in this post. I was so impressed with not only her eye and talent to help me create my dream space but her ability direct manage and organize. I didn’t realize when I hired an interior designer she was also the most organized project manager I had ever worked with. I gave her a time line, and she was on point at every level. These photos were taken by Taylor Cole.

What I wore
Dress/ Anthropologie ( ON SALE )
Shoes/ Christian Louboutin

Meredeth’s look
Top/ Rebecca Taylor
Denim/ Paige
Nechlace/ Anthro

Deatails in my Sapce

Brass Light/ Parkstudio
Plant pots/ Room & Board
Peacock Chair/ Serena and Lily
Black and White Pillow/ Kerry Cassili
Mirrors/ Restoration Hardware