This client is a natural red head and has been coming to me for over a year now!  Before we talk about color lets talk about experience. Hair extensions are such a dramatic change.  I personally struggled my whole life trying to figure out how to get magazine hair, only to realize that this was not even a possibility with out the help of hair extensions. This led me on my journey of finding out the best solution for my own hair.

I tried anything and everything trending in the market place only to realize what I was searching for did not exist.  There were pros and cons to everything I tried, but in the end I just wanted a more custom result.  Natural Beaded Rows starts with color of the natural hair.  Mapping out the perfect tone for each individual client based on what they want. Next the color begins on the extension hair.  I never swatch a client, I choose to have several shades of extension hair in stock, then color the extension hair to blend. How many times have you swatched the clients natural hair, order the closest thing to that, then color the natural hair match?  Only to find out they end up being way to dark or light than what your goal color is.

Don’t let your extensions hair determine what color will look best on the client.

This was one of the things when it came to my love and craft for hair extensions that set me apart from the rest, was my blend.   Next was creating the track. This seems like a simple concept and many believe all beaded rows are the same, and can’t figure out why there current extensions are not blending. They begin to loose hope for extensions… The reality is that you get what you pay for. Ask your stylist ” If this was your hair what would you do? ”  A lot of times clients are willing to pay more if it gives them the end result they are looking for.

After I create my track I then go in and place 3-4 different shades of hair on 1-2 rows in the hair based on how their color turned out. Many clients who don’t have enough hair to create the color they want I can achieve this with the extension hair. I choose to custom each set of extensions for my clients, as if it were my own hair. This is why almost half my clientele right now currently travels from all over North America to have that experience.

Lets talk color- FOILAGE

This is a new term trending all over instagram right now. If you follow my work, I myself am very much a foil girl. Clients are getting tired of the over ombre look, but still want a soft grow out. They  want the look of a  sun kissed  heavier highlight on the ends, giving it that balayage feel.

How to create this look?

Start with the tiniest highlights you have ever seen, you almost wonder if its even going to show up in the hair. Start on base (zone 1) Next I go in and brighten up some of the ends, by balayage between foils with same lighter. ( I balayge in foils, it lifts better.) Another trick I do if the ends are looking brassy or too light. I mix a warm level 7 the last 5 minutes and pick up random pieces through out the hair and paint the ends.   This will give you a soft contrast which helps tone with out completely muting everything out. You will still have those bright blonde pieces with out the brassy ones.  This may not seem like a big deal, but this was a game changer for me. It will completely change the tone of their hair and create a softer look.

To see these extensions in person follow on youtube and periscope! Happy Painting Everyone!