My Craft.

I have been doing hair for 13 years now and 3 years ago I started a blog. This pushed me from a hobby hair stylist, to a marketer, photographer, educator and entrepreneur. I literally felt like I removed blinders from something I didn’t see possible. I always liked doing hair and felt I had a knack for it, but as began this blog I started to discover a whole new love and passion for it. Things begin to get more fun as you watch yourself grow. And it really gets fu when you are getting paid to do so. If you are willing to put yourself on the map, you hold yourself to a higher standard period.

Here is some of my most recent work in Laguna Beach CA.

The first photo in this post is color and extensions done by me. I’m dying over the soft rooted base color and the multidimensional blonde tones in her real hair as well as the extensions to blend. Many ask if I am a fan of a base breaker… My awswer is YES…

If you have a client with ANY GREY what so ever and they want 100% coverage, ( and trust me most women do, if they see one grey I get an emendate text for one hair I missed). The trick is to not over bump and add ash. This will still create warmth because you are lifting. A trick I like to do, that I did with this particular client is a level 6 base, then foil 1/2 inch off base. Lift this to a pale yellow or white blonde, then tone over JUST THE ROOTS at the shampoo bowel. This will give them the illusion of a soft rooted look. Ombre is out but balayge, and soft roots are still in.


Is anyone else in love with this texture and color???

I did NO BASE on her, she likes to go 4-6 months between color and since she had no grey she didn’t need a base. I love the combination between foiling and balayge. This clients I did soft baby lights, then painted her ends. I toned just the roots to soften any lines.

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This client is honestly a favorite of mine… sometimes less is more. We just toned and touched up her color. Then added Only 1 row of natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions.


This client is wearing 1.5 rows of NBR Extensions. I choose not to do a base to give her a more natural grow out. Sometimes on fine hair even if they don’t have any grey hair I like a base because it gives their real hair more volume and texture. On my own hair I alternate between placing foils at the roots and then toning over or doing a level 6 ash base.


The last client in this had been doing a traditional weave for years. I felt like her color needed some warmth, to give it a more youthful appearance. Sometimes when you add a lowlight to a blonde in will fade out in 3-5 washes, but if you go to dark, because of the porosity in the hair it will take the color too much. In other word they will have zebra stripes, even if you only did a level 7 low light.

On this client I choose to add lowlights to the underneath, because the hair is in better shape, and I knew it would take the low light better. I then added a permanent base ( 7 ash) to lift her roots ( zone 1) just a tiny bit, and then painted my semi permeant over lapping that in zone 2 with a warm level 7 to melt down the color a bit so there was no harsh lines. I aded 2 full rows of NBR to help bring out more the warm tones I wanted to see.

After request, I am now offering color classes!!! My next Class with be in Laguna Beach on August 10th, if your a stylist in the OC area you don’t want to miss this one. I’m teaming up with 2 other big stylist to offer a spin on 3 different styles and looks. I am very much a foil girl, and recreate the balayage looks using foils. Another hot trend is hair painting. To find out more and SIGN up for this Class CLICK HERE.

Happy Painting Everyone!