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This is just a couple before and afters from my work last week in Laguna Beach CA. Right now I am in the process of re launching  There will be a style page with all of my favorite fashion tips, and a hair page.

The hair page will have beauty tips, before and afters, and dates  for up coming classes. Currently I offer a group class as well as a 2 day shadowing program.  If traveling is just not an option for you I also have an online course that is broken down into 16 different training videos, with 2 blonde color demos.

 Click HERE for more information, or email me to purchase the online course  ( CLICK here to contact ).

The online course also comes with a kit and access to the NBR face book forum where you can communicate with other NBR stylists.

Watch the video below for a sneak peak!



 Why should you be interested in hair extensions? There’s a huge market for this. 

Unfortunately I believe that hair extensions have a bad wrap…
Some of the problems are
Look unnatural
Time consuming
High maintainance
It is important to educate our clients on the risk of extensions. My goal in creating NBR was to find a safer more natural solution, for both the client and the stylist.
As a stylist we know that they are great money but due some of the problems we choose not to add them as a service.
In order to become good at something you need a lot of experience.  As a stylist when you first start your career there are many cases of problem-solving  with coloring and cutting.
The only way to get through it, is through experience, and investing in education to become better.
What if 95% of your clients were all extension clients and you’re making good money 95% of the time.
You also gain more experience by doing them this often therefore will become the best in your industry.
I choose to find out the Best solution for hair extensions to accommodate my own hair,  and through  it I  created Natural Beaded Rows.
I learned many other methods along the way to find out the best solution for not only the stylist but the client as well,  because I was both.
Are you interested in making good money sometimes or all the time? How can you increase you extensions clientele? Do you want to work smarter not harder?
Come join the NBR family!




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