Just over a year ago I launched NBR hair extension training online course! I am so excited to be re- launching an up-dated version of the training next month! Anyone who is in the current program or is interested, will get access to both the old and new trading at no additional charge. In the training there will be 2 color demos as well as the extension application, blending colors, and cutting.

I believe that extensions start with an eye for blending color and finish with a moveable hair cut. The goal with NBR is not to just have the “after” photo look great but also create moveable, wearable, realistic looking hair. Hair should move with out seeing the extensions. Hair extensions should be cut well. I add a lot of hair to my clients hair, so I have more room to cut layers and add movement. hair extensions should NOT look like sheets of hair, or separate like noodles.;)

I also have personally tried over 10-12 different methods on my own hair and believe all extensions can be damaging over time. My goal with NBR was to minimize the damage.  I do this by attaching it to less areas of the head, and understanding how much weight the hair can handle, based on what the clients end goal is.  Another goal I had was to educate on the importance of blending colors so the clients could experience the “one stop shop”. NBR is not an all day process. You can get amazing results with color included in 3 hours or less. I prefer to curl my work because I believe it show off the color better.  My clients are always asking me for my 5 minute curls.  (seen HERE)  I absolutely love hair coloring, and believe it is part of the reason my extensions blend well.

The last 2 clients in this post were color and cut only. For more information on my up coming classes or if you are ready to be a part of the NBR family of stylist CLICK HERE.

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