It has been only one year since I launched my Natural Beaded Training program. I have been teaching and doing extensions for the last 12 years, but decided to brand and share my knowledge this last year. NBR is growing quickly and I am excited to see what this next year brings. I am currently working on up-dating my online education, and just updated my two day shadowing expirience in Laguna Beach CA. Click HERE to find out class dates and sign up today! These before and after photos where of a stylist that recently shadowed with me, and wanted to experience NBR for her self. Here is what she had to say about NBR.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to shadow with Danielle a few weeks ago in Laguna Beach. I have been following her since the beginning, and was thrilled at the chance to finally work with her. My expectations were far exceeded! Not only did I learn so much about The method of NBR, but she was so wonderful at explaining little tips and tricks to make the clients experience the best it could be. She inspired me, and gave me so much advice for marketing and how to get myself out there. I also feel so connected to the NBR community if I ever have any questions going forward. It was a great motivation to see how far she has taken her business, and pushed me to do the same!”
Melissa Bidleman
Gig Harbor, WA