NBR works good on many hair textures and types. It is a simple natural looking solution for both the stylist and the client. My theory on hair extensions is the less area attached to the head the less damage it will create. If there is no glue or tape involved the removal process in much cleaner, and simple with less damage. To ensure the row is not pulling you must know the correct bead tensions and how much weight each hair texture can handle. Placement is also important, you can place the rows higher in the hair line as long as the weight is not to heavy. I have worn so many different types of extensions to figure out what works best in my baby fine hair. I also understand that all extensions can be damaging, and my goal is to minimize the damage. My real hair can only get so good… so my only option for long hair is extensions, can anyone relate? To do a full set of these extensions it takes about 1.5 hours or less. Here are just a few from my recent work in laguna Beach CA. for more information on learning or booking an appointment visit my Learn page or Contact Page.