All of these clients are wearing NBR hair extensions, The first transformation has 1.5 rows.
The second we decided to blend and tone down her blonde, I did this by warming up her base, and  then foiling in a  lowlight. After I foil the lowlight, I smudge in between the foils with Redken Shades EQ. This creates depth and a softer appearance. Run it over the permanent about 3-4 inches down a feather off. I leave around the face blonde to give it a sun kissed look. She is wearing 2.5 rows (this is the most I will put in the hair). The 3rd client is wearing 1.5 rows, and the last client had great hair already we just added one row to fill it in. I also love the dimension it gave her color. This is one thing I love with extensions, when ever I want to change my color I just change up the extensions color a little.

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