Hey everyone I thought I would talk about my recent skin care routine and what treatments and products I’m using. As I get older I notice my face has lost the “baby fat” which make us look younger. But in loosing that fat/collagen I like the shape of my face more, my cheek bones are more defined, but I still want that youthful appearance. This is where I have had to take a closer look and my skin. I noticed I had sun damage like most of us do and wanted to plump up my skin with out using fillers. I was introduced to Laser genesis. This is helps to even out skin tone and increase the collagen. Its best to do a series of 6 every 10 days and then 1 every 3-4 months. This is one of those things that at my age the results were not dramatic, but I wasn’t looking for anything dramatic. I think less is more when it comes to the face. People just started commenting that my skin looked great! Another treatment I started was Derma-planing. This is basically shaving your face. I never realized how much fuzz I had! this helps to exfoliate, and apply make-up more smooth. These two treatments would be great to do before a big event. There is no down time! I do this every 6 weeks or so, don’t worry if this is something you decide not to keep up with, your facial fuzz/hair does not come in thicker or darker. In combination with this and some great products I am helping to maintain healthy glowing skin. I had these treatments done at Sea Side skin care in San Clemete CA.

Products in this video/

Skin Medica Essential Serum, This is liquid gold! Out of all my products this is a must have for skin care. Use twice a day.

Skin Medica Tri retinol Complex
This helps to turn over the skin faster, which improves texture. I uses this only every other night.

Jo Jo Brooks eye cream/face scrub
She has her own product line and is the owner of the spa at Serandi Salon where I style out of.

Skin Medica skin brightener
A brightener helps to erase sun spots. I have tried other ones but they THIN out your skin if you use to much, this is one that you are safe to use every day. I uses on my face 2 times a week and chest and neck every night.

Be sure to cover and sunscreen up at the beach! You can always use a bronzer on your face, shop below to see what bronzers I love.