I Don’t usually take clients with hair above the shoulders because its harder to blend.  Its not Just NBR but I believe all methods look more natural it you have more natural length.  You will notice the first photo she has a thick blunt bob.  With my shorter hair clients I have to be realistic with the out come, and let them know what is possible.  I also believe that with shorter hair, and all extensions, you have to know how to style them.  Hair extensions are high maintenance to be low maintenance, meaning they are a little more work to style but you can go extra days without washing, and it still looks good.   With short hair you have to add a lot of hair to fill it in, and layer it so that it has movement.The first Client has 2.5 very full rows,  the second has 1.5 full rows, The 3rd has 1.5 medium fullness, and the last has 1 row medium fulness.

All of these Clients were done in one day!  With my advanced shadowing program. The last photos were of a stylist now certified in NBR hair extensions.  Many stylist who train with me wear NBR.  I think it is a great way to sell and experience them in order to relate to your clients. Here was her testimonial from the day..

I spent the day working with Danielle and couldn’t believe the transformations that happened that day! When I first started seeing pictures of Natural Beaded Row extensions, I knew I wanted in on it. After seeing it with my own eyes, I’m completely obsessed and cannot wait to transform my clients. From start to finish, with creative color, extension placement, cut, and blending, it is a complete makeover! Huge thanks to DKW for letting me in on this secret and teaching me something revolutionary.
Mckenzie Sellers  Season Salon & Day Spa, Provo UT