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Most of my clients wear only 1.5 rows of Natural Beaded Rows. This creates more fullness with less damage. I have tried a little of everything when it comes to extensions. I believe that it all comes down to, the less areas attached to the head the less damage. So how do we create the same fullness with less? With NBR. SIMPLIFY. Color and cut also plays a huge roll in blending… With my education I also share color and cutting secrets, and not just installation. For this client I chose to bump her base with a 7 ash, add a few more face framing highlights, and then smudge the color down a bit more with REDKEN shades EQ, and left her ends out. I then brought out more of the highlights by choosing 3 different extension colors and placed them to blend. (Yes, rows can be multiple shades and blend better than tape or single strand.)


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    My name is Jacey and I am a big fan of your videos and I absolutely love what you have created for hair. I wanted to get more information from you in regards to what services you offer and obviously the cost. I have colored my hair many different colors causing some damage due to that, as well as I have very fine hair that doesn’t grow past a certain point. I am very tired of my hair and I have not been happy with it for a while causing a bit of lack in confidence in me. I have also been researching non stop on the best hair extension methods and yours have definitely caught my eye being the least damaging as I was comparing it to the tape in method as well. I have had extensions before ( about 9 years ago) that completely ruined my hair and left me with so little hair. I had used the Keratin glue individual hair extension method and even though it lasted I think around 6 months or so, It had destroyed my hair in the end. I am looking to have fuller, more volume and longer hair and I believe that your method is best. I would like to get in contact with you if possible. I am located in Los Angeles, but I will be traveling to Utah next month as well as in the next few months I plan on going back, I am sure you have a long waiting list so I just wanted to get some additional information from you. I want to color, cut, and do the extensions but I want to do something different with my color since I hate what I have now, which is a reddish brown with a few pops of a caramel color underneath to give it “dimension.” I would love to go to a deeper brunette color or even PINK or ombre pink, yes PINK I can send you additional photos of what I am talking about. I don’t know if you do pastel tones, but I am loving the dirty pastel pink color, but cannot find a trusted stylist that won’t ruin the rest of my hair to do this and I am not sure if it will be possible to even go that route without damaging my whole head of hair. OK, well I hope to get in touch, I am sorry to blab on and on but I am very excited to have the opportunity to speak with you since this has been an on going issue for me. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope to talk soon.


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