Each week about half of my clientele travels to me from out of state to experience NBR hair extensions, what is NBR? Click HERE
A lot of my clients have fine hair, and have done their research. The First client in my work here has never worn extensions. What some don’t understand is that certain fine hair will only grow to a certain point. Myself being one of them. I always wanted long full hair and realized the only way to achieve this was with hair extensions. There are many horror stories with extensions, because they can be damaging. My goal is to be real with people. I explain to them that all extensions can be damaging over time, our goal is to minimize the damage. I believe I have come up with a simple natural concept for hair extensions that works great on fine hair textures. I also feel if you can master fine hair, and get the extensions to hold up you can work with many hair textures. I love color and cutting as well, these two things play a huge role in blending. The fist client is these photos is wearing 1.5 rows. The second is only wearing one… LESS IS MORE. To find out about Education options click HERE. To book an appointment click HERE