Wow I feel like it was transformation week this week! So many different colors and textures to work with. I’m calling this post hair painting because of the art form hair truly is. I love hair color with the combination of adding NBR hair extensions, and fine tuning with a great cut. There is not a bigger transformation than this. I love my job and watching my clients light up after each visit! What girl doesn’t love hair day. You wear your hair every day it is your biggest accessory.

I have been getting many request on hair color classes. I will soon offer 1 color class a month. Seeing color through a different set of eyes can help inspire new ideas to recreate. Staying in the know is key! Educating yourself, and surrounding your self with like minded stylist is extremely important. Learning for me is creative logic. I don’t typically map out what I am going to do I take it one section at a time to decided what is needed. On my fine haired clients I pull out a lot of color with hair extensions. One thing that most people don’t under stand when it comes to color, is that textures play a huge role in how th color shows up. Have you ever had someone take you a photo off Pinterest and say “I would like this color please”… You could mix the exact same formulas, do similar placement, on 2 clients with the same natural level but different textures, and the color looks completely different!!! I joke around with my fine hair clients, and tell them as long as the crown of your head looks good, its all good (of course after we add the extensions to give them their  Victoria Secret hair;)