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What is Natural Beaded Rows, and why are more and more stylist and clients asking for this new technique? What makes NBR different from other beaded “Halo” methods? If you have followed any of my work,(click HERE) or Watched any of my YOUTUBE, or maybe even read my ABOUT page, you can see why I am passionate about not only finding the best solution for myself and my clients but making it simple. In my experience you have to attend a 3 day course, or purchase a dvd on how to apply extensions.  Over the last decade I attended and bought anything I could get my hands on, and tried it on my own hair.  The 3 day course, with a pile of notes was overwhelming, and the dvd just didn’t cut it. With NBR there is 3 options, online only, shadowing, and group classes (click here for details). The online comes with all education options, so that if you get stuck you can refer back to the training videos. The most important factors of NBR is continuing education. STAYING IN THE KNOW, by  communicating with many other NBR specialist with our private FaceBook page. I post 2-3 helpful videos each month with break throughs that I am having. I LOVE hair color and cutting, and believe it plays a major role in blending extensions, so I share those secrets too! If you are a stylist seeking for a great solution for hair extensions reach out to me and join the NBR family.


Here is a Review from a stylist who came to Laguna Beach to attend my shadowing program

Natural beaded rows has made an incredible impact on my career as a hair stylist. I first became interested in extensions and started to try all different types of methods. Being unsatisfied with the end results and how it left the integrity of the hair, I almost gave up. Then I came across Danielle White on youtube and I completely fell in love. She was so informative and her hair looked incredible, so of course I needed to know what her secret was. I started following her on facebook, youtube, instagram, and her blog. (Literally everything I could possibly get my hands on to try and figure out how her hair looks so amazing). I eventually contacted her to see if there was any way of learning her technique of NBR. Sadly at the time she only did an in person session and living in New York, I would have to travel to Arizona. I was already skeptical of hair extensions so I was unsure if the trip would be worth it or not. Maybe, a month or two later she came out with her online education! This was so exciting for me, I jumped right on the opportunity and became one of the first 10 stylists to sign up for the NBR training. The online training was one of the best investments I have made. Not only do you learn how to do the NBR’s but you also learn how to color and cut them to make them look unbelievably seemless. I was sold. I HAD to do the in person training. I scheduled a trip to fly out to Laguna Beach and decided to make a mini vacation out of it. I thought the online training was one of the best investments I made, but as soon as I set foot in Serandi salon and met Danielle for the first time, that moment soon took its place. Actually meeting and working with her for a full day you learn SO MUCH about the extensions. Color, placement, cutting, styling, communicating with the clients, and of course the ocean view through the window by her chair. It is an experience I will never forget and she gave me the opportunity to bring this method over to the east coast and change my clients lives by giving them gorgeous hair extensions. – Shaina Aronowitz. NY.


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