DSC_5389DSC_5395DSC_5394DSC_5392DSC_5398This client had very curly thick hair, which can be tricky to blend. Natural Beaded Rows is great for all textures and types. If you have extremely thick hair and have had extensions, you know you have to put a lot of hair back in so that it blends, but you have to be careful if you put too much extension hair in, it can be hard to manage. This client is wearing 2 full rows of NBR. Two rows is only attached with about 30 beads in the hair. With any other method you would have to attach to more area to get the same fullness. With her color we wanted to brighten it up with out over processing her real hair. That is one of the nice things about hair extensions, you can bring out the highlights more based on what color extensions you use. I choose to use 3 different shades on her and paneled in more blonde around her face to give her the illusions of that face framing sun kissed highlight.