What makes NBR different?

Over the last 12 years I have tried a little bit of everything on my own hair to find out what works best. Most women like myself with fine hair can not grow their  hair past a certain length and have it look good. So we begin to research the best options possible. There is this scary story that you will loose all your hair and have nothing left to attach it too. This is why I try to educate my clients on the reality of all extensions. All extensions can be damaging over time… but so can color, and curling, and blowdrying, and even clip-in extensions. The goal is to minimize this damage. I understand with my own hair that it can cause damage, but also know that my baby fine hair can only look so good, so if I want full long hair my only option is hair extensions. What I have found through trial and error on my own hair as well as other clients is that it all comes down to one very important factor. The less area they are attached to your hair the less pull and damage. I also believe that fine hair clients shouldn’t go more than 6-8 week between tightening. I notice more hair shed out, if over this period of time, even if they do stay in the hair. Fine hair attached with any type of glue is always going to be a little harder on your hair during the removal process. With NBR the first client in this post only has about 16 attached beads in her hair. Because it is a row done with beads the removal process it quick and simple with less pull on the natural hair. NBR is simple yet customizable for each client. Placement, bead tension, stitching, and cutting all play a major role in NBR.  It is a great solution for both the stylist and client.

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