DSC_5361DSC_5368DSC_5360DSC_5364When the roots get too dark and the end are too light, its time to soften and blend.

For the Stylist

A lot of times if it is the clients natural regrowth, I can bump the base and tone the ends, adding a few lighter pieces to frame the face. This client had a level 3 painted as her base and 1 inch of her natural re-growth. My only option was a bleach shampoo. I worked fast and tapered off the ends. I left on for 10 minutes. (the last few minutes comb through ends to make them pop.) Rinse. Now at this point it was a bit scary as you can imagine the hot yellow roots. I then painted 6N Schwartzkoph 20 vol, scalp to mid way down and tapperd off the ends. Process 20 minutes. This was such as easy process I have even done this on myself and had great result. Don’t over think things with a million foils. I also find it best to let my client know that it will be a WARM tone, but its all about creating balance in your colors to create a soft seamless appearance. This client is wearing 1.5 rows of NBR hair extensions