A lot of times as a stylist we think it is safer to do a billion foils with bleach 30 volume to lift black hair. We think it is more predictable, and are scared of the orange or red phase, not to mention the HOT yellow roots. The problem is that you still have black in the hair because you can’t foil every single piece. And because the bleach sits on the hair  longer you have damaged ends. If your goal it to go blonde, do it gradual so that you don’t have the scary in between phase and it still looks beautiful during the transition. When ever I am coloring timing plays a HUGE role in color, based on how long it sits on the hair. Be realistic an honest with the client what is possible. Don’t over think it, and trust yourself.  This client took me 4 hours to do a color correction and a full set of Natural Beaded Row Hair extensions.    Happy painting!     Below are a few products I am recommending this week!