download-69download-71download-72download-70Blondes want soft dimensional color with out looking brassy or yellow. I am calling this Soft Contrast.  We all know to cut the yellow or gold we need to add a low-light, but how to we do that with out looking muddy or streaky?  To create soft lines in this client I choose to do a light Smudge.  I also painted the majority of the back of her hair with a level 7 to give it a more natural appearance and then gradually work my blondes towards the front.

download-74 download-75Another Favorite I did this week.  This clients was 100% virgin hair, we choose to give her a soft natural Balyage look so the grow out would be easy to maintain.  I started at the nape and worked my way to the front to give it that gradual melt look. I did a little brighter around the face to give her and organic sun kissed appearance.