spring_0080download-19download-21download-22download-23download-24             Why is it when we are feeling slightly beached out we decide to add a low-light then end up feeling muddy or blah.  Because there is not enough contrast… but because we are so afraid of the “zebra” stripes we end up doing a fine weave of a level 7 that looks well… blah, and we wonder why??? 😉  I have found blondes need to pop but still have what I call a SOFT CONTRAST.

To create this look I start with a permanent base, then apply foils through out with my desired low-light, using my favorite BLENDING SECRET REDKEN Shades EQ.  After, I paint between the foils starting at the base, picking up random pieces and feather off at the ends… I’m calling this Reverse Balayage😉 and LAST pick up random ends (mainly around the face) and paint bleach to make your ends POP.

This Client is Wearing one row of NBR  hair Extensions as a filler.