2014 Style Review

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2014-01-03_1347          This year has been a fun exciting year for me!  After doing hair for 11 years, 3 Years ago I decided to launch DKWSTYLING, and have loved watching myself and others around me grow through this crazy blogging world.  I have learned so much along the way and have become obsessed! I love looking back at the growth that can be only experienced through the willingness to put your self out there and TRY. 

        Besides being busy with my passion, the art of hair, this year I also decided to pick up a camera. I love the beauty and art captured behind photos and decided to see if I had an eye for it.   Like all good things you have to have a good eye and being willing to learn. This year I would challenge everyone to PUT YOUR SELF OUT THERE, it is the only way to see how far you have come.

              I am excited to have launched my online education program for hair stylist in the  placement on NBR hair extensions, (check out hairextensionsecret.com) I truly believe that NBR is a win win solution for both the stylist and client. I also love fashion and the creativity behind it. What other way is there to express your self than fashion and how you style it.   I have recently relocated to Orange County California  and am excited to see what 2014 hold for me here in sunny CA…

Love, Danielle Kari White  DKWSTYLING.COM

just a few favorites from 2014…

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