Natural Beaded Rows and color BY: Danielle K. White

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DKWSTYLING IS NOW OFFER LIVE SHADOWING WITH ONLINE EDUCATION! (click HERE for details) Mandy Garavaglia ( extensions specialist and BEHIND THE CHAIR stylist of the year) Is one of the many Stylist CERTIFIED and trained in the NBR method. I had the chance to giver her a color and NBR transformation in My Arizona studio. She will be offering these hair extensions to her list of clients at her salon in Kansas to book with her check her out at

downloaddownload-6download-5download-3download-4download-14download-7download-17download-2download-16This client had 40 single beaded extensions on the left, we removed and replaced with one row of NBR with only 20 attached areas on the head and twice the COLORED and PLACED BY: Danielle K. White


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