DSC_4734DSC_4737KAYMELISSAbf3download-22download-23download-24Soft SMUDGE: To create this soft blonde color I start by bumping the base.  For your Naturally ashy blondes go 1 shade darker and 1 shade warmer. I do this because I need to deposit warmth.  This client was a ashy 8 I used Schwarzkopf 6-5 and 8-0 equal parts 30 volume.  On naturally darker clients you don’t need to deposit warmth.  I am a natural level 6 and I use 7-1 to control the warmth and lift. Next I add a few highlights, when adding highlights I don’t usually touch at the root usually 2 inches off. Place the highlights organically where you want to see them peak through.  The last 5 minutes the color is processing I go in with Redken shades 7nb 7gb  and run between foils.  A lot of times I even open a few of the foils and run the Redken over the base and into the bleach. This creates that soft seamless look.

download-27This one I used the same technique but wanted to add a few low light through out so I foiled in the Redken smudge color to add more dimension. Then I smudged in between foils with the same color.