long hair

  1. Skip a wash or 2 I recommend only 2 times per week
  2. Air dry as often as possible
  3. Thermal protect is a MUST
  4. MASK IT… keep your hair hydrated
  5. Braid it, Twist it,  Pony it… careful not to over heat every day with irons
  6. Cap it off.  Wear a hat to protect from the elements if your out in the SUN
  7. Oil for strength and shine
  8. Smooth it..try a smoothing treatment such as Brazilian to prevent over styling
  9. Less is More with highlighting
  10. Remember to take your vitamins



  1. Agadir
  2. 12 Benefits
  3. Smooth & Seal
  4. Iron Shape
  5. LOREAL Repair (only available to stylist)
  6. REDKEN diamond Mask